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    Horror String Dolls

    An interesting summation of the String Dolls and Voodoo String Dolls Keychain and Keyrings History by one of our trade customers.

    An interesting summation of the String Dolls and Voodoo String Dolls Keychain and Keyrings History by one of our trade customers:

    String Doll History

    Meet the ‘Voodoo string dolls’, some think that these dolls bring you luck, riches, good health or a desirable partner, but failing that the voodoo string dolls make an excellent decoration in the form of a key-ring or mobile phone charm.  Voodoo string dolls are hand-made from a single thread, usually made using cotton or natural hemp.  The thread is wound around itself over and over to form the voodoo string dolls body, and then the voodoo string doll is decorated with various accessories in order to give each doll its own character.

    The history and origin of voodoo string dolls is unclear, but it is believed that they originated in Northern Thailand and quickly spread across the rest of Asia.  The hand-made nature of voodoo string dolls makes them an ideal product for individual artisans or small rural initiatives to produce them and sell them themselves, and the wide-spread popularity of the voodoo string dolls has brought about a means for many in poorer regions to escape more laborious and dangerous forms of employment.

    The voodoo string dolls are often advertised as possessing magical powers, able to bestow upon their owners the gifts of luck, love, and riches.  However despite their universal popularity voodoo string dolls have not escaped unblemished, the voodoo string dolls have become banned in China over concerns from angry parents that their children were using them to practise black-magic.

    Despite popular beliefs that ‘Voodoo’ is a dark art practised by chicken sacrificing, pin-sticking practitioners of evil-magic, the religion of voodoo is more often used for beneficial purposes, hence the magical powers attributed to the voodoo string dolls.

    Where-ever your beliefs lie with regard to voodoo, there’s no denying that not only has the voodoo string doll sensation brought much needed independence and financial relief to the rural communities that produce them, but that a voodoo string doll makes an excellent addition to any mobile phone or set of keys.

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