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    Captain America and Bucky

    New graphic novel and comic book characters released!

    Following on from the popularity and success of recent comic book movies, we’ve been inspired to design and create a new batch of unique string doll keychain and voodoo doll keyring characters.

    Loki, the Asgardian Prince, son of Odin, and brother of Thor, was recently featured in the Avengers Assemble, Thor and and Thor 2 The Dark World.  His character has become a favourite amongst comic book fans, and we now present a limited edition voodoo string doll keychain in his likeness for comic book fans and collectors of string dolls and voodoo doll key-rings.


    In addition to Loki, we’ve also designed two new voodoo string doll characters from the new movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  We’ve updated Captain America and and created a new voodoo doll keychain to reflect his new blue and white uniform.   Now, a new Captain America wouldn’t be complete without the addition of a completely new and exclusive Bucky Barnes (The Winter Solider) voodoo string doll keychain too!  At present we are the only company that is offering Bucky Barnes, and he’s only available in this limited run.  Both new voodoo string doll keychains are pictured below:

    Captain America and Bucky

    We have many more new designs arriving in the coming weeks, so please come back to check, and feel free to post any suggestions or comments!


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