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    Aladdin is one of the characters in the classical Arabian fairy tale book “The One Thousand and One Arabian Nights”.

    The story is about a young boy (who was Chinese in the original story, but is depicted in most media as Arabian since the One Thousand and One Nights is an Arabian book) who is in love with the princess of his kingdom, but he can’t meet her because he is a simple villager. One day, a man claiming to be his long-lost uncle appears and makes him go to the secret Cave of Wonders. The cave has many treasures, but the man is interested in only one thing: a golden lamp.When Aladdin gives it to him, it’s revealed that the man was a villain posing as his uncle that wanted to gain the lamp for his own selfish needs. He snatches the lamp and tramps Aladdin inside the Cave. Aladdin is saddened until he accidentally rubs a golden ring he found there. There, he finds that both the lamp and the ring are magical objects, and they summons genies that grant three wishes when they are rubbed. Aladdin uses the genie of the ring to get out of the cave, while the villain uses the genie of the lamp to take over the kingdom and force the princess to marry him. In the end, Aladdin uses his remaining two wishes to recover the lamp and defeat the villain. The princess, overjoyed and impressed with his heroism, marries Aladdin.

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    A handmade / hand crafted doll made from a single flax rope. Each doll is hand decorated and adorned with recovered textiles; as well as other detailing such as beads, buttons, and metal ornaments. Each doll has a chain to enable the doll to be used as a keychain, a mobile phone strap, added to jewellery, or similar use like a bag accessory. Can also be used as a X-Mas tree accessory. As the dolls are handmade, each doll is unique and may differ slightly in size or shade of colour. Approximate size is 2.5-3 inches.

    Each String Doll, Voodoo String Doll and Voodoo keychain is made from a single length of continuous cotton string, which is carefully wound to create the classic string doll body shape. No wire frames are used as a template for the body so each wind has to be perfectly accurate. Each String Doll, Voodoo String Doll and Voodoo keychain is then adorned with distinctive accessories to create particular characteristics. Many of the these accessories are made from off cuts of materials which would otherwise be thrown away. Very little goes to waste!


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